According to AUTOSTAT analytic agency, the KAMAZ-43118 has been the most popular KAMAZ truck on the Russian market over a period of several years.

In January-November 2021, the sales of the KAMAZ-43118 AWD truck on the Russian market grew by 26% in comparison with 2020 – from 5,691 to 7,176 units. Running second is the KAMAZ-5490 with the performance of 7,132 units, which is a 45% year-over-year increase in the sales of the model (4,919 units in 2020).

Other trucks called-for on the domestic market are the KAMAZ-65115 with a 33% growth in sales, from 4,883 to 6,496 units, and the KAMAZ-6520 (+22.7%, from 3,166 to 3,885 units).

The Russian market of new trucks grew by 38% in 2021 against 2020, as reported by Avtostat Info. In absolute terms, the market grew from 72,683 to 100,196 vehicles.

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