KAMAZ presented innovative vehicles at the exhibition organized by High-Technology Technopark IT Park in honor of its tenth anniversary. Festive events were held at the site of the Technopark in Naberezhnye Chelny on Thursday, August 25.

The Technopark is a unique platform for the development of information technologies in the Republic of Tatarstan. The first IT park in the Republic of Tatarstan was opened in 2009 in Kazan, and in 2012 a similar site was opened in Naberezhnye Chelny.

In honor of its anniversary, the company organized festive events for residents of the city – a free master class for schoolchildren on creating their own 3D game, a discussion meeting “Boiling Point” on the impact of IT on modern reality for students, a World Cafe format business meeting for residents and managers of IT companies and others. During the official part of the holiday, Minister of Digitalization of Public Administration, Information Technologies and Communications of the Republic of Tatarstan Ayrat Khayrullin presented Gratitude to the staff of OOO Digital Platform KAMAZ for their contribution to the development of information and communications technologies and innovative services in the Republic of Tatarstan.

As part of the anniversary program, KAMAZ, a partner of the Technopark, presented its innovative developments: unmanned vehicles KAMAZ-6559 (Jupiter-30) and KAMAZ-65119 (Argo), electric vehicle Kama-1, electric buses KAMAZ-6282 and KAMAZ- 6292, medium-duty vehicles Compass-9 and Compass-12, mining dump trucks KAMAZ-65807 (Atlant-65) and KAMAZ-6561 (Hercules), as well as an electric garbage truck KAMAZ-53199 (Chistogor), a fuel cell bus KAMAZ-6290 and a robotic KAMAZ-43118.

The unmanned KAMAZ-6559, named “Jupiter-30”, is one of the latest developments of the auto giant. This mining dump truck is designed to transport loosened rock mass or ore using unmanned technology – without the presence of people in the danger zone of heavy vehicles and excavators.

The truck features a series hybrid transmission, with bypass accumulators for energy recovering when braking and driving downwards. Besides, for better performance, the dump truck has a shuttle mode of moving. The dump truck is equipped with a KAMAZ in-line six-cylinder engine 910.12-450 with a capacity of 11.9 l. All-wheel drive without a transfer case is provided by two traction electric motors, one per each axle.

The vehicle can transport cargo weighing up to 30 tonnes in a fully automatic or remote control mode. The speed of the vehicle is limited to 56 kph.

The fuel cell electric bus KAMAZ-6290 is another innovative development of the company in the line of passenger eco-transport. It runs on hydrogen fuel cells and is equipped with six cylinders for storing compressed hydrogen. For safety reasons, the cylinders are installed on the roof – in the event of a leak, hydrogen will go up, and not into the cabin.

The fuel cell electric bus is equipped with a modern high-performance air brake system with EBS, ABS, ASR, EPB, slope hold function, motion blocking function when the doors are open, and a brake pad wear monitoring sensor. Braking is also provided by a traction motor with a recuperation system. The maximum speed is 80 kph, the cruising range is 250 km. The total passenger capacity is 80 people, there are 33 seats. Like the electric bus, the new eco-transport is adapted for operation at ambient temperatures from -40° to +40° С.

The sided electric garbage truck KAMAZ-53199 “Chistogor” with a 4×2 wheel formula is a truck designed for operation in the city. It is equipped with an electric motor with the index TM4 LSM280, with a power of 245 kW. The battery capacity is 150 kWh. The driving range of the truck is 150 km. The maximum speed of the drop-side vehicle is 90 kph. The batteries are charged through a three-phase socket and a charging unit. The curb weight of the garbage truck is 9,400 kg, the gross weight is 18,000 kg.

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