KAMAZ is going to commercialize the Hi-Tech version of the KAMAZ-54901 tractor truck running on liquefied natural gas.

A year and a half after the introduction of the upgraded Hi-Tech version of the K5 tractor truck, the top Russian automaker started testing this vehicle with a gas engine.

The new straight-six KAMAZ-950.10 engine generating 450 hp, designed for freight trucks of the new generation, is equipped with a 12-speed ZF Traxon automated gearbox with a hydraulic transmission retarder. The vehicle features two cryogenic tanks 530 liters each. The range is about 1,500 km.

In its characteristics, the engine complies with the Euro 6 emission standards. It features low compression, an original cylinder-piston group, an integral cylinder head updated for spark plug installation. Instead of diesel fuel injection equipment, the vehicle has components of a natural gas delivery and ignition system. The vehicle features the latest components of the gas delivery, ignition and engine control system.

Like its counterpart equipped with a diesel engine, this vehicle has got a soft dashboard. A standard manually-operated “crane” of a parking brake is replaced with a push-button system. Understeering switches were redesigned, ergonomically and functionally improved.

The vehicle will also be equipped with ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance System) – adaptive cruise control that can maintain a chosen distance between a vehicle and the vehicle ahead automatically, and also lane keeping aid and active brake assist. This enables to promote active safety.

There are five prototypes now. They all are designed to meet different goals: for example, a task to regulate ADAS and transmission control system, to work on an engine and electronic components, and also to carry out certification works.

“The vehicle is designed to comply with all requirements of the EU market. And we see potential for launch of this version on the European market too, there are all prerequisites for this. Besides, serial production of this model will enable KAMAZ to satisfy an increasing demand for vehicles running on natural gas,” said Igor Valeev, Deputy Chief Vehicle Designer of KAMAZ PTC.

The bulk of testing works is expected to be completed by early summer. By this time, the vehicle has to be certified. Commercializing is scheduled for the end of the third – the beginning of the fourth quarter of this year.

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