A batch of grain carriers on the KAMAZ-65207 chassis was delivered to the TransMorFlot LLC shipping company.

Vehicles for transportation of grain crops 68905-521002-87 on the KAMAZ-65207-1002-87 chassis with an updated body manufactured by SpetsAvtoKam LLC were delivered in the amount of 11 units. The truck, which is very popular today, was introduced to the market in 2018 and received excellent reviews from carriers of grain and other crops.

The truck is equipped with a Daimler OM457LA engine (Euro-5) with an exhaust gas aftertreatment system (AdBlue), a ZF 16S2220 gearbox, and air-driven drive axles. Platform increased rigidity, has a volume of 32 cubic meters and is equipped with an awning frame with a winder and a fixed platform. For a more snug fit, the sides of the platform have rubber seals.

The internal size of the platform made of 09G2S steel grade is 7200x2460x1800 mm. Board constipation – mechanical with manual opening. Hydraulic platform lifting device driven by a pump through a power take-off. Electropneumatic lift is controlled right from the cab.

The steel on-board platform of the box type, at the request of the customer, can be performed in two versions: with two or three side boards. It is also possible to produce boards using steel with a thickness of 2 mm or 3 mm.


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