On these days, KAMAZ is demonstrating its NGV line at the St. Petersburg International Gas Forum.

The anniversary St. Petersburg International Gas Forum brings together gas industry leaders. This is one of the main projects where issues of the global gas industry are discussed. SPIGF-2021 is also home to a large exhibition. More than 350 companies from different countries, including KAMAZ PTC, present their expositions at the forum. The exhibition covers almost all areas of the oil and gas industry – from production to consumption.

The visitors of the KAMAZ stand can see an LNG KAMAZ-54901 freight truck of the K5 generation with a range of 1,400 km on one fueling, as well as the newest R6 gas engine. This 450-hp engine features capacity of 11.6 liters. Thus, KAMAZ’s gas vehicles are on a par with diesel ones by specifications.

The new promising KAMAZ R6 gas engine with a capacity of 450 hp and compliant with Euro 6 emission standards is not the only one advantage of the LNG KAMAZ-54901 truck. It is also equipped with a ZF Traxon automated gearbox with a retarder, a wide comfortable cab with a flat floor and one or two berths. Its cryogenic gas cylinders together contain 1,060 liters. The fuel tank range of the long haul truck is about 1,400 km.

In addition, a number of KAMAZ CNG vehicles are presented out in the open for potential customers. These are a KAMAZ-5350, a KAMAZ-43118, a KS-55713-5L-1 truck crane, a 659118 aerial work platform (AWP), a multipurpose road maintenance vehicle on the KAMAZ chassis, as well as a popular KAMAZ-65115 dump truck.

It should be noted that KAMAZ can produce 8 thousand gas vehicles and 2 thousand gas buses a year. High performance is achieved due to the fact that gas engines, vehicles and buses are manufactured in a single process flow side by side with diesel trucks. Only gas equipment is installed on them in a separate building.

The company also pays great attention to the technical service of NGVs that is quite specific. Thus, the company has fully developed and standardized a technological process, selected proper equipment and tools, organized mass training in well-equipped classrooms. The company’s dealer network is currently being prepared for servicing NGVs throughout the country. KAMAZ’s gas engine vehicles have already proved to be cost-effective in practice.

KAMAZ-LEASING is taking an active part in the X St. Petersburg International Gas Forum too. The exhibits and other models of vehicles demonstrated at the forum can be leased under one of the existing programs of the KAMAZ Leasing Company. Today KAMAZ-LEASING offers its clients the basic product “Leasing Reliable”, special promotional offers “Hot Leasing”, “Leasing Strong”, “Leasing Profitable”, a program for regular customers “Leasing Own”, and an offer “Rent” for renting used vehicles with subsequent purchase on favorable terms.

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