Sixty KAMAZ electric buses were assembled and delivered to the State Unitary Enterprise MOSGORTRANS at the Sokolniki Car Repair and Construction Plant in Moscow.

The final production of KAMAZ electric buses on the territory of the Sokolniki Car Repair and Construction Plant in Moscow started in April. The first collected models began to ply the streets of the capital in June. Today, 60 KAMAZ electric buses of the Moscow assembly are already operating on the routes of the city.

«Under the terms of the fourth contract concluded with the State Unitary Enterprise MOSGORTRANS, we must transfer 350 KAMAZ electric buses in 2021. As part of this order, 200 units of innovative electric vehicles have already been produced, 60 of them were assembled directly in Moscow on the basis of SVARZ, the rest of the electric buses were produced at NEFAZ, a subsidiary of KAMAZ in Bashkortostan, – said Andrey Dolganov, head of the Passenger Electric Transport Promotion Service. – Thus, by January 2022, 750 KAMAZ electric buses will carry Moscow passengers. We are proud of such results and hope that this figure will only increase in the future».

It should be noted that the production of KAMAZ electric buses in Moscow based on SVARZ is the most environmentally friendly in Russia – all operations in the shop are carried out with zero emissions. In addition to environmental friendliness, the production of electric buses directly in the capital allows you to reduce the delivery time, assembly and maintenance of electric vehicles, as well as save on logistics.

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