The specialists of Tuimazinskiy Zavod Avtobetonovozov PTC, a subsidiary of KAMAZ in Bashkiria, jointly with engineers of the company’s Research and Development Center started designing concrete mixer trucks with a tank capacity ranging from 10 to 12 cubic meters on the chassis of KAMAZ trucks of the K5 new generation.

The models are to be mounted on dumping chassis of enhanced payload – KAMAZ-6595 (6×4) and KAMAZ-65951 (8×4). These will be brand new vehicles with an improved comfortable environment for a driver and compliant with today’s all emission standards. The basis K5 chassis are equipped with a KAMAZ R6 engine (910.15-450) generating 450 hp and a ZF 12TX2820TO gearbox.

Another feature is a unique system when a mixer drum is hydraulically driven by a chassis engine, directly via a power take-off (PTO). The use of the PTO decreases the curb weight of the concrete mixer truck and enables to distribute loads on the chassis more evenly. In addition, the chassis engine drive improves environmental and erogonomic properties.

Concrete mixer trucks on K5 KAMAZ chassis are expected to be marketed as premium segment products to keep up with G7 products.

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