Within the frameworks of the International Industrial Exhibition INNOPROM 2022 that has opened in Yekaterinburg today, KAMAZ is presenting two models of the new Compass family – a refrigerator and a tow truck with a loader crane – at its stand.

At the beginning of 2022, KAMAZ introduced Compass models from the new line of medium-tonnage 4×2 trucks to the Russian market. These are delivery vehicles which are chiefly designed for operation in urban and suburban areas, but, at the same time, can be used for long haul service. The Compass chassis can hold a wide range of superstructures: various versions of vans (insulated, goods, refrigerated vans), dropside trucks with loader cranes, refuse vehicles, multilifts, tow trucks, hydraulic lifts, etc. The vehicle boasts soft ride, high visibility from the cab, and, with all that, it is quite maneuverable, with a little turning radius, which is essential for running in urban terrain and in yards crammed with vehicles.

The new project of KAMAZ started with two models: the Compass 9 with GVW of 9.5 tonnes and the Compass 12 with GVW of 11.99 tonnes. Today’s KAMAZ stand shows two representatives of the new line exactly on the Compass 9 chassis. Thus, the visitors of the company’s exposition can see a refrigerated vehicle meant for transportation of goods, which require particular temperature conditions. The body of the van is made of monolithic sandwich panels with heat transfer coefficient less than 0.4, polyurethane is used as an insulator. Inside and outside lining is cladded metal. The refrigerating unit of the chassis helps keep the temperature in the van from -20 to +6Cо. The payload of the vehicle is 3.3 tonnes, and the capacity is 12 europallets. It is important that a client can customize the van equipping the vehicle with cooling machinery, tail lifts by different producers.

The second exhibit on the Compass 9 chassis displayed at the KAMAZ stand is a tow truck featuring a straight sliding platform with a winch and a crane loader NR 811 T2S. The payload of the vehicle is 3,000 kg, the payload of the crane at the minimum crane radius of 2.5 m is 4,060 kg, the maximum radius of the loader crane is 6 m.

Both vehicles are based on the KAMAZ-43089 chassis (Compass 9) equipped with a turbocharged fuel-saving four-stroke-cycle diesel engine generating 154 hp. Its cubic capacity is 3.76 l, the fuel tank is meant for 200 l. The engine corresponds to the Euro 5 emission standard. The gearbox is mechanical, six-speed. The suspension is leaf, on two multilift springs and hydraulic shock absorbers. The refrigerator and the tow vehicle with loader crane are equipped with a wide comfortable night cab. The suspension of the cab is four-point, torsion-bar in the front, and on rubber spring elements in the rear. The driver’s comfort is ensured with an adjustable steering column, cruise control, air conditioner, power windows, steering wheel audio control.

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