On KAMAZ conducted the business session «Compliance today and tomorrow. Development trend».

More than 50 representatives of KAMAZ took part in the business session aimed at developing cross-functional cooperation and improving the efficiency of activities in the field of compliance. Among them – compliance managers of the organizations, which were created with participation of KAMAZ and the KAMAZ divisions working in compliance controls. The event was organized by the compliance service with the support of KAMAZ training center – The Regional Institute of advanced technologies and business, as well as the company’s Corporate University.

The business session was opened by KAMAZ Deputy Director General for security Ildar Shamilov. He highlighted the stages of implementation of compliance measures and the effectiveness of interaction within the units responsible for compliance controls. «The compliance system began to be implemented at KAMAZ seven years ago and today has become the policy, the way of activity of our company. Today, KAMAZ is already a teacher for many large enterprises in the field of compliance development», – Shamilov said.

The head of the compliance service Viktor Spasov in his report recalled that the national anti-corruption plan for 2018-2020 approved the Decree of the President of the Russian Federation dated June 29, 2018 No. 378, which defines measures aimed at solving anti-corruption problems. As part of the execution of this Decree in October this year, the company’s specialists were invited as speakers to one of the conferences organized by the Prosecutor General’s office of the Russian Federation and the Ministry of labor and social protection of the Russian Federation. The meeting discussed the improvement of the legal framework and organizational framework for the prevention of corruption in organizations, as well as anti-corruption legal education and prevention of corruption in the business environment with the use of IT systems. «Next year is a reporting year, and we are waiting for new legislative initiatives and changes. Thus, the first outlines of antitrust compliance appeared in the drafts to the legislative acts. It is obvious that the attention of state bodies to combating corruption will be more active, there will be changes not only in terms of legislative norms, but also in terms of automated controls», – Spasov said.

Rustam Shamsutdinov, Deputy Director General for procurement of KAMAZ PTC, addressed the participants of the business session. He spoke about the stages of improving the procurement system carried out using compliance controls. «The main motto of our bloc is transparency. Purchases should be transparent and without compliance risks», – Shamsutdinov stressed.

The conference participants were also interested in the report of Olga Logunova, head of the securities, shareholders and insiders service of KAMAZ on disclosure of beneficiaries. In addition, there was a discussion of trends in the development of compliance, the experience of implementation in TZA PTC, AZK LLC, issues of implementation of compliance in procurement, verification of counterparties, and evaluation of transactions.

One of the interesting moments of the business session was the game «Quiz Compliance”, in which specific examples were considered the risks of compliance. The game received good feedback from participants as an effective form of training. Also, the best representatives of the profession were awarded and master classes for compliance managers and employees of KAMAZ divisions were held.

Summing up the event, the participants noted that the business session is a necessary tool for the professional development of compliance managers and to confirm their competence.

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