The KAMAZ Team has won the DAKAR RALLY 13 times to-date



The management of OJSC KAMAZ thanked the entire staff of the renowned “blue armada” for victories in Africa Eco Race 2015 and Dakar-2015.

The celebration in honour of the 13-time winners of the Dakar-2015 rally-raid who had swept the whole podium of the Dakar-2015 was held this week. General Director of OJSC KAMAZ Sergey Kogogin emphasized the significance of the results achieved, “Nobody gave us the victory on a silver platter, for all our advantages each race has its own character, the victory is always to be fought for. Maybe someone got accustomed to our victories, but I can’t get used to them. I realize that these victories don’t come easily to you, they are earned by your own sweat and blood – this can never become habitual. Thank you so much for what you achieved at Dakar, you overcame all difficulties and did your work there.” Also Sergey Kogogin announced that the company planned to promote karting to train would-be racers for the team.

Vladimir Chagin, the team leader, a seven-time Dakar winner, told about peculiarities of the Dakar race and preparation for it. This year, the racing drivers underwent hypoxic trainings preparing their bodies for high altitude conditions using special equipment, including tents with rarefied air, thus eliminating unpleasant side effects caused by high altitudes, “In the second half of the marathon, it was seen from the competitors’ faces that they were exhausted and tired, we looked much more cheerful.”

The team also received congratulations from Russian President Vladimir Putin, Tatarstan’s Prime Minister Ildar Khalikov, Chairman of the State Council of Tatarstan Farid Mukhametshin, President of the Russian Olympic Committee Aleksandr Zhukov and other officials of various levels.

The twelfth victory of the KAMAZ-Master team


The Dakar 2014 was highly dramatic until the last minute. The clash of titans between Iveco and Kamaz will have been a close one until the very end. But the truth triumphed in the end. You can fall at accident but you will never win at random. At the finish line the overall leader Andrey Karginov is 9’35” behind the Dutchman’s Iveco. Andrey Karginov is for about 3 minutes behind Gerard de Rooy in the general classification. This is the second result. Then we note the information on the official website: a lot of competitors were hindered by an accident during the special. Details appear later. 90 km into today’s special, China’s Zhou Yong made a mistake, sowing chaos as his car crashed and blocked the road before eventually being removed. Gerard De Rooy with his truck №501 passed there touching the damaged car, but he didn’t stop to help the crew. Gerard de Rooy used his starting order to slip ahead. Then the crews of Karginov and Nikolaev arrived and try to put the car on wheels by hand, but it was without success. They managed to set the car back upright just with the help of the truck of Andrey Karginov. The way was unblocked and a traffic jam of race vehicles could continue the way. The need to help the crew 319 is undisputed, and race officials had to deduct some minutes from the time of the KAMAZ №306.

The results of the stage were corrected. Andrey Karginov won his first Dakar by 3′11″ over Gerard de Rooy. Behind them, the other KAMAZes hogged places 3 to 5, with defending champion Eduard Nikolaev, Dmitry Sotnikov and Anton Shibalov.

Even though 22 minutes that the organizers presented to the main rival of the KAMAZ-master Team Andrey Karginov became the winner of the Dakar 2014. It is deserved outcome of the 36th edition and the twelfth team victory on the rally Dakar.

KAMAZ-Master sets off for DAKAR-2014 rally


Details of the Dakar rally which is to take place in January 2014 were announced during a press conference of the KAMAZ-master team at the RIA Novosti agency in Moscow.

KAMAZ-master is going to send more racers to Dakar this time – in five “combat” racing vehicles. Besides proven crews of E. Nikolaev – E. Yakovlev – V. Rybakov (the crew’s start number is 500), A. Mardeev – A. Belyaev – A. Israfilov (No. 503), A. Karginov – A. Mokeev – I. Devyatkin (No. 506), there will be crews only debuting at Dakar, but already with trophies from Africa Race 2013: A. Shibalov – R. Amatych – A. Khisamiev (No. 545), D. Sotnikov – V. Mizyukaev – A. Aferin (No. 549). Dmitry Sotnikov’s crew will provide other racers with emergency assistance.

Altogether, there are 71 racing trucks in the starting list of Dakar-2014. Among them are two HINO and two LIAZ, three RENO and three MAZ, four IVECO, eight TATRA, eight DAF and eight MERCEDES, 11 GINAF and 17 MAN trucks, except five KAMAZ vehicles.

Answering the journalists’ questions, Vladimir Chagin, Manager of the KAMAZ-master team, told that all racing vehicles had been updated and tested during the outgoing 2013 year. For example, the trucks received improved electronically controlled Wabco & Knorr-Bremse pneumatic brakes. In 2014, the organizers of Dakar Rally will tighten up emission requirements. Besides, the engine capacity will be limited to 16.5 litres since 2016. Therefore three of five racing tucks which set out to South America to participate in Dakar-2014 Rally are equipped with Liebherr engines. The rest two vehicles are as usual powered with YAMZ engines.

Mr. Chagin said that Nikolaev’s, Mardeev’s and Karginov’s crews had undertaken a challenge to get into the top ten at Dakar-2014. Dmitry Sotnikov’s and Anton Shibalov’s task is to do the whole route, gain experience and test the vehicles. “We hope they won’t disappoint us all,” the manager of the famous team emphasized. “But our competitors have advanced vehicles and fast racers too: about 15 crews will strive for victory.”