Several KAMAZ vehicles presented by the company at the COMTRANS 2019 international exhibition of commercial vehicles as exhibits were sold at the exhibition site.

For example, two models of all-season combined road vehicles on KAMAZ chassis were presented at the exposition of the leading Russian automaker. According to the “KAMAZ” Trade and Financial company, both copies of vehicles immediately found a buyer. In addition, at the end of the exhibition in Moscow, customers delivered five more units of this vehicle.

The VMKD-2015 all-season combined road vehicle on the basis of the KAMAZ-6520 dump truck is one of varieties of special cars which are made by the partner of “KAMAZ” – the “Plant Spetsagregat” company. The machine is designed for year-round maintenance of roads and airfields.

During winter, VMKD-2015 can be used for cleaning road surfaces and roadsides from snow, cutting snow shafts on the roadsides, cleaning hard and icy snow, cleaning wet snow with rubber and metal knives, cutting ice and other types of work.

During summer, VMKD-2015 is used to clean road surfaces from dust and dirt, roadside planning, slopes, distribution of rubble on the surface of the treatment. When installing additional equipment, it is possible to wash road signs, fences, posts, bridges, overpasses, fences, walls, mowing grass, removing shrubs and protruding on the road high-growing branches on the roadsides.

The second model of all-season combined road vehicles presented and sold at the COMTRANS 2019 exhibition is the VMKD-2015 tunneling machine. It is designed for cleaning the surfaces of the walls of transport tunnels, sound insulation screens, billboards, walls of houses and barrier fences. The washing process is carried out using a brush with pre-moistening the surface with a cleaning solution. In addition, the machine is equipped with other auxiliary units.

In general l, tunneling machine, like other VMKD machines, is a set of quick-detachable attachments mounted on the chassis of KAMAZ vehicles. At the request of the customer chassis can be biaxial or triaxial with all possible variations of wheel formulas.

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