Technical characteristics

KAMAZ-4326 4X4 GVW 12300 KG

Curb vehicle weight, kg
Curb vehicle weight, front axle load, kg
Curb vehicle weight, rear bogie load, kg
Payload, kg
Gross vehicle weight, kg
Gross vehicle weight, front axle load, kg
Gross vehicle weight, rear bogie load, kg
KAMAZ-740.31-240 (Euro-2)/ KAMAZ-740.30-260 (Euro-2)*
Nominal power, gross, kWt (hp)
176 (240) / 191(260)*
Maximum torque, net, Nm (kgcm) / at crankshaft rotation, rpm
1060 (108)/2000 / 912 (93) /2200*
Arrangement and number of cylinders
V-shape, 8
Displacement, l
Cylinder diametre and piston stroke, mm
Compression ratio
Engine oil volume
28 ltr
Fuel tank capacity, l
210+210 / 125+127 *
Fluid system, closed, forced
System V
35 ltr
Temperature diapason
-50С + 50С
Radiator material
Radiator surface
0,44 m2, Cooling surface 33,6 sm2
KAMAZ-142 / ZF 9S 109*
Mechanical, 9-speed / 18-speed*
Mechanical, remote
9 /18*
Main Gear
5,94; 6,53; 7,22
Low gears/high gears
1,692 / 0,917
Transfer torque
9056 Nm
Spring leave, 12 leaves
Shock absorbers
2 hydraulic shock absorbers
Spring leave, 13 leaves, balanced
Wheel type
Disc, Pneumatic, with tube, radial
Tyre size
Platform dimensions, mm
4800 x 2328 x 500
With canopy
Voltage, V
Storage batteries, V/Ah
Generator, V/wt
ZF Sach/ diaphragm, one-plate
430 mm
Hydraulic with pneumatic booster
Double with central bevel gear and planetary wheel gears
Gear ratio
Over the engine, with high top
With one sleeping berth
Drum diameter, mm
Brake linings width, mm
Brake linings total area, sq. cm
Maximum speed, not less, km/h
Maximum gradient, not less, %
Outer turning radius, m
Average fuel consumption - on road at speed 60 km/h
26 ltr/100 km
Average fuel consumption - on road at speed 80 km/h
Max. Fuel distance
1100 km
at fuel tanks capacity
350 ltr

Power unit In order to drive a two-axle off-road truck, it was decided to install a KAMAZ 740.11240 turbodiesel V-shaped 4-stroke 8-cylinder power unit that fully meets all environmental standards of EURO-2. The engine has an intermediate cooling function for charge air. The model can be attributed to the upper valve samples with liquid cooling. As a result, it can produce about 240 horses, and its volume is 10.8 liters. This allows him not only to have good cross-country ability, but also to reach speeds of up to 100 km / h on flat terrain. He is not so demanding on the quality of diesel fuel, due to the fact that there is no electronic control of the fuel pump. It is also possible with the help of mechanical fuel supply. A system is provided that facilitates starting the engine in cold weather. Such a powerful diesel engine consumes about 30 liters per 100 km. And this is a lot, given the fact that with its weight of 11.5 tons, a car can only lift an additional 3.5 tons of cargo. For example, foreign options "eat" one and a half to two times less fuel. Fuel tanks are rated at 295 liters. If necessary, they can be doubled.

Fuel consumption KamAZ 4326 KamAZ 4326 is equipped with 2 fuel tanks. The on-board version is equipped with 2 tanks of 210 l, the chassis - two tanks of different volumes (210 and 210 l, 170 and 125 l, 170 and 210 l). The average fuel consumption of a truck is 25 l / 100 km, the range is 1180 km. Transmission Also thanks to its transmission, KAMAZ is a universal vehicle. It has a 2-speed mechanical transfer case, along with a lockable center differential and pneumatic control. The manual gearbox is represented by 10 speeds, where there is a remote control. The box has a dual-disc dry hydraulic friction clutch. Brake system It has a pneumatic drive that works together with drum mechanisms. The diameter of the drums is 400 mm.

Chassis suspension has a 4x4 wheel arrangement, in which there is a spring suspension in front and behind. Large wheels with remote adjustment of the tire pressure level will make you feel comfortable even on the road. The KamAZ 4326 device is positioned as a multi-purpose vehicle. The truck is equipped with a 2-speed mechanical transfer case with a lockable center differential and pneumatic control. The main transmission has 10 gears with remote mechanical control. The gearbox is equipped with a double-disc dry friction clutch with hydraulic drive. Despite the military specialty, the model is actively used for peaceful purposes. The metal cargo platform of the car has a tailgate, side hinges, an awning and a frame. Folding benches are installed specifically for transporting people to the platform. A stiff foot on the rear side makes landing easier. KamAZ 4326 is equipped with a traditional 3-seater cabless type cab with a hydraulic lift. Unlike typical civilian options, the cab of this model seems ascetic. The driver's seat has many adjustments, but is devoid of air suspension. The creators of KAMAZ 4326 practically did not think about passengers, having screwed chairs to the cabin floor. The footrest and handrails make it easy to climb into the cabin, despite its high location. The cab itself is located above the engine.

One of the remnants that the model received from its predecessors was the engine brake switch. We have been talking about replacing it with an electric drive with a switch function on the panel or retarder for a long time. However, KamAZ 4326 is still produced in the old version. At the same time, all foreign and domestic brands have already refused this button. Another “anachronism” was the windshield washer reservoir located in the cockpit. The developers did not dare to take the element beyond its limits. It should be noted that these decisions do not significantly affect the operation of the car, and therefore practically do not affect its popularity. Owners speak about the KAMAZ 4326 car, mostly positively. On the road, she behaves very well. However, there are many questions for designers. In addition to the above problems, it is necessary to mention the outdated dashboard, the inconvenient location of the accelerator pedal and the imperfect steering control system. All versions of KAMAZ 4326 are equipped with an interaxle and interwheel blocking and an interwheel blocked differential. The model is considered one of the most unpretentious in maintenance. It is simplicity in comparison with competitors that makes it so popular.

Cabin compartment Kama truck 4326 has a traditional three-seater cabless cab with hydraulic lift. If you take a purely civilian variation of the car, the 4326 cab looks a bit ascetic. The driver's seat has an abundance of settings, but you can’t find the air suspension on it, which is what oh is missing. The creators probably did not think about providing comfort for passengers, as they screwed the seats to the cabin floor. The footrest along with the handrails provide an opportunity to climb inside the cabin without much effort, despite the fact that it is located quite high. One of the drawbacks that the machine acquired from the previous generation was the engine brake switch. It has been several years already about replacing it with an electric drive with the option of switching on the panel or installing a retarder. But the model is still produced in an old version. Although, all foreign and even Russian brands have already disowned such a key. Interestingly, the windshield washer tank was mounted in the cab. The developers did not want to mount the part in the outer part of the truck. When you open the door, it becomes possible to examine almost the entire cabin, which is at the level of human eyes. On the floor you can see the auxiliary key of the foot switch of the motor brake. There is a sunroof at the top, and a berth at the back of the front seats.

Advantages of the car Powerful appearance; Good cross; High ground clearance; Four-wheel drive system; The ability to change tire pressure remotely; The machine is not so heavy in repair and maintenance; It is easy to find the required parts and spare parts; Able to work at various temperature conditions; The relatively low cost of the car; There are many different modifications to this car; There is a berth; Not afraid of fords, the depth of which can reach 1.5 meters; You can install a winch as a separate option.

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