A group of specialists from Senegal is being trained at the International Institute of Engineering, Technology and Management, the training center of KAMAZ PTC.

The training is carried out in Naberezhnye Chelny at the International Institute of Engineering, Technology and Management under the contract for the supply of KAMAZ vehicles to Senegal. “The Senegalese mechanics arrived here thanks to the efforts of KAMAZ International Trade Company (VTK) and WARIG, the official dealer of KAMAZ PTC in Senegal,” explained Kirill Cherniltsev, Director for Africa Region, VTK KAMAZ“We expect that the training at the International Institute of Engineering, Technology and Management will allow the Senegalese experts to better learn the characteristics and peculiarities of the repair of KAMAZ vehicles. And this will help them to ensure the proper and uninterrupted operation of the purchased KAMAZ vehicles.”

The course “Design, Operation, Features of Maintenance and Repair of KAMAZ-4326, KAMAZ-43118, KAMAZ-6460, KAMAZ-65201 Vehicles” lasts 80 academic hours. Lectures are conducted in French with the help of a specialist from VTK KAMAZ. The extensive training program includes not only theoretical, but also practical classes to be crowned with certification.

KAMAZ PTC and the Senegalese company West African and Russian Industrial Group (WARIG) started cooperating in 2017 under the Senegal Vehicle Fleet Renewal Program. In 2020 KAMAZ and WARIG S.A. signed a dealer agreement providing for the sale and service of KAMAZ vehicles supplied to Senegal. In this regard, the parties are interested in professional training of personnel responsible for the technical condition of Russian trucks in the fleets of Senegalese enterprises. “We are sure, such a lerning process is highly effective. And we plan to further develop it. We also intend to continue the successful online training for foreign specialists servicing KAMAZ vehicles abroad,” said Kirill Cherniltsev.

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