A solemn event was held at the engine plant of KAMAZ PTC on the occasion of the release of the three-millionth V-shaped eight-cylinder diesel engine.

It was attended by Director General of KAMAZ Sergey Kogogin, Executive Director Yuri Gerasimov, Director of the engine plant Sergey Snarsky, plant employees, veterans who participated in the production of the first engine. The right to remove the engine number 3,000,000 from the Assembly line was granted to the mechanic of mechanical Assembly works of the engine Assembly shop, Rahip Bakirov.

Congratulating the factory workers on this event, Director General of KAMAZ Sergey Kogogin noted that thanks to the development of the V8 engine line, high technical characteristics of KAMAZ vehicles are provided year after year. «We strive to make our product optimal for the customer. We are increasing the load capacity, increasing the warranty period, making the car more powerful and safer for people and the environment. And all these important characteristics depend on the engine», – Kogogin said.

Expressing gratitude to the plant’s team for achieving excellent results, Sergey Kogogin stressed that the great experience and professionalism of diesel engineers was also in demand at the new stage of development of KAMAZ, when the goal was to master the production of a completely new KAMAZ engine – the inline six. Today, KAMAZ has developed and put into production an inline six-cylinder R6 engine with a capacity of 400 to 700 HP, of the Euro-5 ecological class. Production facilities have been created for the production of 12 thousand engines per year. This power unit is intended for installation on promising models of KAMAZ vehicles and other equipment.

The first power unit for the KAMAZ heavy truck appeared in may 1974 in the experimental shop of the chief designer of KAMAZ. Later, in December 1975, the first KAMAZ engine was assembled at the engine plant, and its serial production was established. The first KAMAZ-5320 had a payload capacity of 8 tons. With the development of the car line and the increase in load capacity, more powerful engines were required. Since then, the «heart» of KAMAZ trucks has undergone many modifications and changes.

In parallel, work was underway on engine certification. In 1995, for the first time in Russia, the KAMAZ 740.11-240 engine received a certificate of compliance with the Euro-1 environmental class. Over the years, we have come a long way to engines that correspond to the Euro-5 class. Currently, the plant’s product range includes V-shaped eight-cylinder diesel engines with a capacity of 220-450 HP various configurations for KAMAZ vehicles and other types of automotive equipment.

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