LLC “ParadAvto”, the official dealer of “KAMAZ” in the Republic of Belarus, together with the “Janstrong” transport company  are testing the KAMAZ-54901 vehicle on an international trip on the Belarus – Germany – Russia – Belarus route. The truck has successfully covered most of the planned route and recently delivered the cargo to Naberezhnye Chelny.

The Janstrong company, engaged in international cargo transportation, has set a goal – to test the KAMAZ-54901 prime mover, a new product of the K5 generation model range, on the roads of the European Union. The main idea is to demonstrate to the potential customers the reliability and efficiency of the KAMAZ long-haul tractor. In terms of technical characteristics and comfort, the Russian truck can be easily equated with the “Big Seven” trucks.

“We have been working with KAMAZ for many years, supplying components for the conveyor. It would be rational to test the products of the Chelny auto giant in real operating conditions. Therefore, we decided to take a tractor truck in order to test it in international cargo transportation,” said Dmitry Vorontsov, the Director of the Yanstrong company. “We also have an idea to test this truck on the narrow roads of Spain, to try it out in the Pyrenees. The likelihood of acquiring such a machine by us is very high. I think KAMAZ-54901 will find its place in our fleet.”

According to Pavel Sinkevich, the driver of the Yanstrong, the Belarusian transport company, KAMAZ-54901 has proven itself to be excellent when driving with a load on the roads of the European Union. “I was very pleased with the truck,” he said. – “The ride is good, convenient and comfortable. The truck is very dynamic, powerful when driving uphill, while soft and smooth on the plain. In general, a great truck for work.”

For example, in terms of the comfort of the workplace, the driver noted the convenience of navigation and Bluetooth communication with the phone: it connects quickly, you can talk on the road with the dispatcher or relatives. The large berth and the ergonomics of its storage deserved special approval. Among the obvious advantages was also the extra power mode function of the gearbox. As Pavel Sinkevich said, on a flat road, he moved in eco-mode, and when changing the landscape to a mountainous, he switched, which allowed the truck with 23 tons of cargo to easily overcome even steep climbs.

During the trip, the driver of the transport company is constantly in touch with the employer throughout the route. All his comments and suggestions are recorded and after the return of the truck to Belarus their detailed analysis will be carried out.


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