Truckinstock.com startup developed within the framework of the first wave of “Acceleration of digital transformation projects”, the KAMAZ intra-corporate entrepreneurship program enters the Russian market.

Truckinstock.com is a specialized website focused on the promotion of vehicles available in the warehouses of dealers and official partners of “KAMAZ” PTC. The marketplace project is one of the tools of digitalization, which allows to increase the recognition of the KAMAZ brand, as well as to increase the share of KAMAZ in the truck market. The main task the site solves is to minimize the cost of dealership to promote their products, as well as optimization of internal processes. The team of the marketplace undertakes the accompanying work on the site, the solution of various technical issues and the promotion of the resource to a large audience.

“The development of the marketplace began in 2018. As one of the accelerator startups, it has received high expert evaluation. After the first defense, the development of the project was approved and allocated two million rubles in the form of the first investment that we could use to launch the site, – shared Marina Spiridonova, the head of the “Marketplace of trucks” project. – At the second defense, we showed the results achieved in six months. At that time, we had 12 companies that started placing ads on the site. The official launch of the site took place on July 19 this year.”

Truckinstock.com is an online platform where dealers and manufacturers of special equipment, official partners of KAMAZ and engaged in the promotion of vehicles, are represented.

The interface of the site is simple and convenient, the navigation is intuitive. There is an alphabetical catalogue of the presented equipment and a catalogue of organizations among the main tabs. Leasing companies offering their customers the best financial conditions are also presented, as well as companies-dealers and manufacturers of vehicles. At the moment, more than 20 organizations are registered on the site, which place daily announcements about the equipment available in warehouses.

The site has already created personal accounts for dealers, where they can track customers, the number of calls, statistics of visits. The personal account for buyers, where they can order equipment, if it is not available, is under development. A configurator allowing the client to independently “assemble” the necessary equipment and order it from a specific dealer or directly through the “Trade and financial company “KAMAZ” is also being implemented. 

“While we find clients ourselves, we work on the list of KAMAZ dealers,” says Marina Spiridonova – “we tell them that KAMAZ has such a resource, we give them a free test period so that they can place their ads, evaluate the result. Customers give us feedback on what needs to be improved, how to make the resource more convenient.”

Now the site presents not only Russian dealer sites, but also representatives of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Partners from Uzbekistan are also interested. By the end of the year, it is planned to make an English version of the site, which will allow working with clients from far abroad, who are also ready to place their ads on the site. According to the project Manager, the investments made by the company are planned to recoup in 2020.

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