Within the framework of the visit of representatives of Galika AG (Switzerland) and WEISSER (Germany) to KAMAZ, negotiations on the prospective supply of precision lathes and turning centers were held 

Igor Vakhrushev, the representative of Galika AG,  met with the deputy director of the technological center of KAMAZ PTC for innovation development Valery Adarichev, deputy head of the Front Axle project management group Alexander Marishin and other specialists. In the course of business communication at the KAMAZ Science and Technology Center, the sales manager of WEISSER, Anatoly Kessler, is involved in representing the companies and its successful presence in the world market as a supplier of modern technological equipment. He dwelt in detail on the performances and their capabilities in the field of processing parts for cars.

In addition, the plant had spare parts and components, where gross and six-speed gearbox-variable gearboxes were manufactured. After getting acquainted with the production, negotiations on the possibilities of using partner equipment in the processing of shafts and gears of gearboxes were held.

“Based on the results of the negotiations, it was decided to send a request for participation in the tender for the purchase of technological equipment. Partners’ proposals may be interesting when implementing of KAMAZ projects for developing new parts and expanding the use of production capacities,” said Valery Adarichev, head of the negotiations, Deputy Director of the KAMAZ Technological Center for Innovative Development.

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