KAMAZ’s official partner RIAT Plc takes part in the state program “Development and Production of Domestic Hydraulic Fracturing Spreads (Frac Fleets)”. The company helped to create and introduce the first domestic equipment for hydraulic fracturing in oil and gas reservoirs mounted on the special chassis KAMAZ-65221, KAMAZ-6560 and KAMAZ-7330.

RIAT Plc assisted to build the first domestic equipment for hydraulic fracturing in oil and gas reservoirs. This spread consists of twelve high-tech units, including seven units mounted on the special chassis KAMAZ-65221 (6×6.1), KAMAZ-6560 (8×8.1), KAMAZ-7330 (10×8.1) manufactured by RIAT Plc. The fleet was demonstrated to the representatives of the Russian oil and gas industry – Moscow Institute of Thermal Technology and Titan-Barrikady (Volgograd).

“Today’s high-technology equipment in the subsoil use is almost 100% imported. But we live in a turbulent world, under sanctions pressure, and Russia cannot take risks, depend on the supply of imported equipment, on the political situation. We managed to cope with the task in a short period and proved successful. The first step has been taken: a huge number of sophisticated engineering equipment has been manufactured. Now we have to check its main characteristics. For this purpose, Titan-Barrikady will host a one-of-a-kind facility for full-scale testing under simulated conditions of real subsoil use,” commented on the results of the major collaborative efforts Yury Solomonov, Hero of Labor of Russia, First Deputy General Director – General Designer of JSC Corporation Moscow Institute of Thermal Engineering.

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