KAMAZ Trading Company LLP, the official distributor of KAMAZ in Kazakhstan, together with Akmola KAMAZ Auto Center took part in the KazAgro/KazFarm International Agricultural Exhibition held in Nur-Sultan.

KazAgro/KazFarm is one of the most visited and widely publicized events in Kazakhstan aimed at sustainable development of the agricultural sector and the introduction of modern technologies in the agro-industrial complex. KAMAZ Trading Company presented a KAMAZ-54901 freight truck, a KAMAZ-45144 dump truck and a grain carrier on the KAMAZ-65207 chassis at the exhibition.

The grain carrier on the KAMAZ-65207 chassis is the first Euro 5 vehicle assembled at the plant of KAMAZ-Engineering JSC in Kokshetau for Kazakh farmers. The grain carrier is a 6×4 heavy duty vehicle designed to transport grain and other light bulk materials. The truck is equipped with a Mercedes-Benz engine with a cubic capacity of 12 liters, which features a turbocharger, liquid cooling, Common Rail direct fuel injection and an intercooler. The KAMAZ-65207 is equipped with a steel box-type platform with rigid-mounted side racks. The truck is three-way tipping – to the left, to the right, and bottom-up.

The KAMAZ-54901 freight truck is a flagship designed for long-haul transportation, the first model of the newest generation truck line – K5. It was in 2017 when KAMAZ introduced the 54901 truck featuring a bright exterior, high performance, safety and comfort. The KAMAZ-54901 vehicles were put into production in 2019. And in a year, the company brought the latest model to market.

A fundamentally new truck cab with an absolutely flat floor, two berths and an increased width (2500 mm) meets all modern requirements. Its designers focused on ergonomics, convenience and driver comfort. The tractor is equipped with a new KAMAZ R6 (straight-six) engine with a capacity of 450 horsepower, a new automated 12-speed ZF Traxon gearbox with advanced features for the driver and a rear axle with a reduced gear ratio to save fuel. Front and rear brakes are disc. The use of advanced technical solutions made it possible to significantly reduce fuel consumption, increase service intervals and operational life.

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