Production of KAMAZ PTC completed the first half of 2020, producing 16,647 machine kits, which is 11.8 percent higher than the same period last year.

In June, the automobile plant, the final production of KAMAZ, manufactured and delivered for shipment to consumers 3,193 machine sets (APPG-3,147 units).in Total, 16,647 machine sets were produced since the beginning of the year (+11.8%, APPG – 14,890 units).

In June, the KAMAZ engine plant and the CUMMINS KAMA joint venture produced 3,527 engines and power units (APPG – 3,453 units), and 18,497 (+13.2%, APPG – 16,337 units) for the half – year.

Also in June, spare parts were shipped for 2 billion rubles, and only for the half – year-for 11 billion rubles.

Analyzing the results of KAMAZ’s work in January-May 2020, the company’s management is cautiously optimistic, said Sergey Kogogin, Director General of KAMAZ PTC, at the RSPP meeting (Russian Union of Industrialists and entrepreneurs) recently held an online conference of the forum on digital transformation as part of the Russian business Week. «If we take KAMAZ, of course, I make allowances for the fact that the Government has tried very seriously to support our industry, but we are now, in principle, going with indicators higher than last year and above our business plan. This applies to both volume and financial indicators», – the Head of KAMAZ said.

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