At the 16th COMTRANS international exhibition, KAMAZ PTC and Michelin have signed a letter of intent under which Michelin is to supply tries to KAMAZ and assist the Russian truck maker in the development of breakthrough solutions.

The parties will also join efforts in metal 3D printing and aftermarket development, including sales of Michelin tires through the KAMAZ dealership network, and other activities.

“Expanding the KAMAZ product line, we are always guided by global trends. The company’s experts have long been developing groundbreaking high-tech products using innovative solutions, including unmanned vehicles, electric vehicles, hydrogen fuel cell vehicles, and a new line of K5 vehicles. It is highly important for us to use high-quality technological materials and components in this work, and reliable partners and market leaders, MICHELIN definitely being one of them, support us. KAMAZ appreciates cooperation with partners of that caliber, since joint forces help boost performance in industries crucial for automotive engineering,” said Sergey Kogogin, Director General of KAMAZ PTC.

“We consider partnership with KAMAZ PTC as very important. I believe that our cooperation will enable us not only to enhance K5 production, but also to jointly develop solutions for advanced truck tractors and buses, both In the “tire” category and with the use of high-tech MICHELIN materials, service solutions for vehicle fleets and aftermarket support,” commented Dmitry Molokanov, Chief Executive Officer of Michelin Russia.

A testbed hydrogen-powered KAMAZ bus with MICHELIN X Incity EV Z tires is exhibited at COMTRANS 2021.

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