On Wednesday, September 29, KAMAZ welcomed a delegation from KUKA, the company’s partner in industrial robots. During the visit, the parties discussed current projects and further strategic cooperation in production robotization.

The delegation included KUKA Systems CEO Gerald Mies, Head of Comprehensive Solution Projects at KUKA Robotics Russia Günter Zott, KUKA Robotics Russia CEO Dmitry Kapishnikov, Automotive Industry Manager at KUKA Robotics Russia Ivan Frolov. The partners visited the cab frame plant and the press and stamping plant with its cab welding production and chassis assembly shop. Sergey Kogogin, General Director of KAMAZ, took part in negotiations on strategic cooperation between companies in production robotization at the end of the business program.

In 1986, KAMAZ PTC began cooperating with KUKA. Today the company’s production sites use 155 KUKA robots. There are 117 robots (the largest part) at the cab frame plant, 11 robots at the press and stamping plant, 10 robots at the automobile plant, 8 robots at the engine plant, 2 robots at the forge plant, 7 robots at the Technical College named after V. D. Potashov. At the same time, the total investment volume amounted to 4.65 billion rubles, with the average cost of one robot being 30 million rubles.

The KAMAZ production will step by step move from point robotization to the use of robots in all processes. The company will have employed about 360 robots by 2025, when KAMAZ plans to achieve digital production, standardized robotization and logistics. The goal by 2030 is smart modular production and 660 robots used.

KAMAZ’s production robotization strategy schedules for 2035 intelligent robotization based on artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies, as well as widespread application of robots in all processes. By this time, it is planned to achieve the robotization ratio – 1,000 robots per 10,000 workers. The robots will expectedly be introduced into all main, auxiliary and logistic production processes. The company plans to use 3,000 robots at its premises.

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