On December 4, at the representative office of KAMAZ PTC in Moscow, Sergey Kogogin, the General Director of the company, was awarded the “Best commercial vehicle of the year in Russia” competition. The company won in two categories at once.
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KAMAZ-54901 prime mover was recognized as the winner in the “Truck of the year” category. The company also became the leader in the “Special Prize (for success in developing the Russian market)” category.
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The head of the auto giant stressed that the awards received are recognition of the merits of the entire KAMAZ team. “Such moments inspire optimism and confirm the correctness of the course we are following,” said Sergey Kogogin. – Relying on the latest technologies, we continue to work on the development of our new model range, providing the Russian business with the most modern, reliable and comfortable vehicles. I am sure that new models of KAMAZ trucks will be among the winners of competitions of next years.”

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