Next week, on September 7, the 16th international exhibition of commercial vehicles COMTRANS 2021 will open at the Crocus Expo exhibition center in Moscow. This year KAMAZ PTC, which is the Russian leading truck manufacturer and a permanent participant of the largest exhibition, will present about 30 exhibits, including, as usual, lots of new products.

The visitors will be able to see exhibits reflecting the major tendencies in the Russian auto industry at KAMAZ’s main stand. These are the first KAMAZ K6 truck, vehicles running on alternative fuels, including gas-powered trucks, electric vehicles, a hydrogen-powered electric bus, as well as comfortable new vehicles for passenger transportation and much more.

In 2017, the leading Russian automaker for the first time introduced the flagship truck of the K5 generation – the KAMAZ-54901 vehicle – at the COMTRANS international exhibition of commercial vehicles. Two years ago, this truck became the focus of the KAMAZ stand and enjoyed great public attention at the COMTRANS 2019 exhibition. The KAMAZ novelty has already gained popularity in the market and confirmed its high efficiency in long-haul transportation. By the way, KAMAZ-54901 will take a central place at the KAMAZ stand as a promising model this time too. In addition, following the current trends in the development of the automotive industry, the company will present a new version of this vehicle – the KAMAZ-54901 long-haul tractor with an engine running on liquefied natural gas (LNG) – at the COMTRANS 2021 exhibition.

The LNG KAMAZ-54901 truck is a development in the segment of long-haul truck tractors running on liquefied natural gas. Among the main advantages of the truck is a new promising KAMAZ R6 gas engine of 450 hp compliant with Euro 6 emission standard, a ZF automatic transmission of the new generation, a spacious comfy cab with a flat floor. The total capacity of cryogenic gas cylinders is 1,060 liters, the full-tank range of a road train is about 1,400 km. Given the current price difference between diesel and gas fuel, KAMAZ gas vehicles can halve fuel costs.

KAMAZ is actively developing the K5 line, so the company will display dump trucks of the latest generation at the 2021 exhibition. In view of the company’s development strategy launched several years ago, the KAMAZ-65951 (8×4), KAMAZ-65959 (6×6) and KAMAZ-65953 (8×8) trucks will be exhibited at COMTRANS. The KAMAZ K5 dump trucks feature a reinforced frame and reinforced drive axles meant for an axle load of 16 tonnes, a comfortable cabin on a four-point spring suspension, a three-segment metal bumper protecting the vehicle, as well as a metal screen on the headlights and radiator of the truck. The dump trucks are equipped with a modern low-consumption KAMAZ R6 engine and a new generation ZF automated gearbox.

The exhibits also include a CNG NEFAZ-5299-31-57 suburban bus, a KAMAZ-6290 hydrogen-powered electric bus, a KAMAZ-6292 articulated electric bus, a KAMAZ-53198 (Chistogor) electric garbage truck and a KAMAZ-62825 trolleybus (part of the KAMAZ electric vehicle line) with increased autonomous running, as well as a Compass 9 small-tonnage truck and other present-day models.

At the company’s outdoor exposition there is a KAMAZ-5490 truck tractor running on compressed natural gas, coupled with a NEFAZ-93348 curtainsider semi-trailer, equipped with gas cylinders with a capacity of 1,107 liters enabling to increase the driving distance of a road train, as well as a 58146W concrete mixer truck on a gas-cylinder chassis. The KAMAZ-65805 (Atlant 60), KAMAZ-65807 (Atlant 65) and KAMAZ-6561 (Hercules) trucks will be shown in the sector of ​​mining dump trucks. In addition, KAMAZ and its partner companies are to present several special vehicles based on KAMAZ chassis.

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