At the meeting of the Board of Directors of KAMAZ PTC, the Company’s business plan for 2020 has been adopted.

In accordance with the document, next year KAMAZ plans to sell 35,709 cars, 29 000 units of which will be delivered to the Russian market, and 6709 – to foreign markets. The share of KAMAZ in the Russian truck market will increase up to 46%.

According to this business-plan KAMAZ will invest in the development of production for about 14.1 billion rubles. Net profit should reach 288 million rubles with the planned revenue of 204 billion rubles.

Sergey Kogogin, Director General of KAMAZ PTC, announced the main task that the company and its staff need to solve in 2020: the launch of K5 generation mainline vehicles that meet the world level in terms of technical characteristics and consumer properties. «The most important thing is to bring K5 to the market. This is probably the biggest challenge, how quickly we can start earning on it», – he remarked.

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