KAMAZ is presenting vehicles at the “Gas. Oil. New Technologies for the Far North” exhibition taking place in Novy Urengoy these days.

The eighteenth interregional specialized exhibition “Gas. Oil. New Technologies for the Far North” is held within the framework of the Yamal Oil and Gas Forum on the initiative of the Government of the Yamal-Nenets Autonomous Okrug and the administration of the city of Novy Urengoy. With one succinct title, the exhibition expresses the needs of the region where fuel industry is the core one. There are a total of 79 fields in Yamal, and each of them requires modern equipment, technologies and vehicles.

At its stand, KAMAZ demonstrates automotive equipment meant for the industry. The visitors’ interest was aroused by the presented steam production unit on the KAMAZ-43118 chassis. Among its functions are the removal of paraffin deposits from oil wells in the cold season, using as a temporary boiler house in workers’ settlements, heating of the soil in the cold season if excavation work is necessary, as well as heating of components and mechanisms of automotive equipment. To perform the entire range of work, there are two modes: powerful with a steam pressure of up to 100 atmospheres and a temperature of up to 310˚C and a heating mode with a steam pressure of up to 8 atmospheres and a temperature of up to 174˚C. The KAMAZ-43118 (6×6) all-wheel drive chassis, on which the unit is based, is equipped with a restyled cabover cab, a KAMAZ 667.511-300 engine, and a nine-speed manual transmission.

In addition, the company’s exposition displays a high-sided vehicle with a KMU-150 “Galichanin” on a KAMAZ-43118 (6×6) chassis and a KAMAZ-6522 dump truck (6×6).

A high-sided vehicle with KMU-150 “Galichanin” on a KAMAZ-43118 (6×6) chassis is designed to perform a wide range of loading and unloading, construction, installation and transport work with various cargoes. The lifting capacity is designed to handle heavy-duty work. The all-wheel drive chassis allows the truck to travel to other regions along difficult roads. The truck is equipped with a KAMAZ engine of Euro 5 environmental standard with a power of 300 hp. KMU load capacity: maximum – 7,000 kg, at maximum reach – 200 kg. The technically permissible weight of transported cargo is 6,490 kg. The internal dimensions of the platform are 6,112×2,470×730 mm, without frame and awning. The control station is located on a column. Remote control is carried out via a remote control, there is the possibility of cable connection. The lifting height of the certified working platform is up to 24 m. The special equipment is also equipped with a safety device with registration of operating parameters, an emergency station for lowering the boom, a set of radios, a spotlight on the boom, and an anemometer.

The KAMAZ-6522 (6×6) all-wheel drive dump truck, proven by time and roads, is often used to perform work in difficult road conditions. The vehicle’s carrying capacity is 19 tonnes. The design features of the model as a whole are characteristic of many representatives of the new generation of KAMAZ vehicles. Trucks of the “heavy” family are distinguished by increased consumer properties: increased service life, increased load capacity, engine power, as well as reduced specific fuel consumption. Thanks to permanent all-wheel drive, a three-axle chassis, a reinforced frame and chassis, the truck behaves confidently in difficult terrain.

The truck is equipped with a 16-speed manual transmission. In addition, the truck is equipped with a modern, economical KAMAZ engine that meets the Euro 5 environmental standard. Engine power – 400 hp, working volume – 11.76 l.

The volume of the dump platform is 16 cubic meters. Platform elevation angle – 50 degrees. The direction of unloading is backwards.

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