At the MiningWorld Russia-2024 exhibition, which is taking place on April 23-25 in Moscow, KAMAZ is presenting two models from a new family of mining dump trucks.

The company’s stand demonstrates the KAMAZ-4555-0000030-BC quarry dump truck called Atlant 50. The 6×4 dump truck is designed for work in quarries and operation in areas with temperate and tropical climates at ambient temperatures from minus 40 to plus 40°C (climatic version – U1). Operator’s workplace – a comfortable cabin of the new generation K5 with a berth – is the best solution among these classes of mining dump trucks on the market. The interior of the cabin optionally provides an additional household module with the possibility of placing a microwave oven and refrigerator. There is a table for eating.

The dump truck is equipped with cabin protection systems against falling objects (FOPS requirements), as well as rollover protection systems (ROPS requirements). This cab protection system allows servicing the engine and its systems without lifting the dump body.

A new landing gear entrance group with convenient access to the cockpit has been developed. The new bumper is designed for quarry conditions.

The vehicle is equipped with an economical 13-liter KAMAZ R6 diesel engine without an exhaust gas aftertreatment system. A seven-speed hydromechanical automatic transmission with a retarder and a dual-circuit heat exchanger is installed. There is also an engine intake system that ensures operation in quarry conditions (high dust levels) with attachment to the cab protection (ROPS/FOPS). The exhaust system is also mounted to the cab protection (ROPS/FOPS). The load capacity of the rear balancing spring suspension is 50 tonnes. The steering system is hydraulic, with hydraulic cylinders on the axle and equipment included in the chassis.

Dump body is of universal design (overburden and various rocks), with platform heating. The body design includes stone ejectors for dual wheels. The fuel tank is also made with bottom protection, which protects it from damage by foreign objects. The volume of the platform is 30 cubic meters, its elevation angle is 47 degrees. It is also possible to develop a coal dump body.

In addition, Atlant 50 is equipped with tire pressure monitoring systems, dynamic cargo weighing, including a system for measuring roll (tilt angle) and preventing the dump truck from tipping over. It is also equipped with an automatic centralized lubrication system and a fire extinguishing system. In addition, the company’s engineers provided a warning system for the approach of a dump truck to overhead power lines (USPVL) and blocking the lifting of the body under high-voltage lines. Additional lighting is installed around the perimeter of the vehicle. Also among the dump truck options is an automated traffic control system (ADAS) level 1, which includes all-round cameras, ultrasonic sensors, driver condition monitoring, and an alcohol lock. Battery is high capacity. Headlights are LED. Heating of components and assemblies is provided, namely: fuel strainers, fuel tank inlet, rear-view mirrors, operator’s seat.

The wheels are 16.00R25 tires used at the front, 14.00R25 at the rear. Tires provide loads on the front axle and drive axles.

During MiningWorld Russia-2024, another representative of the family of mining dump trucks is being demonstrated – KAMAZ-4554 (Atlant 49). The machine is designed for working in a quarry and transporting coal, overburden and various ores. This is the heaviest dump truck in its dimensions: its load capacity is 49 tonnes, while the total weight of the dump truck is 72 tonnes. The volume of the dump body is 35 cubic meters. KAMAZ-4554 is equipped with an interactive smart system for monitoring the operation of the hydraulic equipment of the dump truck. Also provided are overload and roll control, system monitoring with data transmission, and a fault warning function. Like the Atlant 50, this model is equipped with a new K5 cab with ROPS/FOPS operator cab protection.

Let us remind you that the new generation of mining dump trucks of the Atlant family with a wheel arrangement of 6×4, 6×6, 8×4 is distinguished by an increased load capacity, which ranges from 39 to 100 tonnes. Due to their technical characteristics, the latest developments of KAMAZ provide the best performance in the industry.

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