KAMAZ is presenting vehicles at the XVIII Siberian Agrotechnical Exhibition-Fair AgroOmsk-2022 held this week.

The joint stand of KAMAZ and the company’s certified dealership OOO Omsk Diesel presents three vehicle prototypes: the KAMAZ-65206 tractor unit, the fueling truck on the KAMAZ-65115 chassis, and the medium-tonnage Compass truck with a loader crane.

The KAMAZ-65206 (6×4) is a present-day tractor unit designed for cargo transportation as part of a road train weighing up to 44 tonnes, complies with Russian road and climatic service conditions. Under the hood of the truck, there is a six-cylinder in-line diesel engine OM 457 LA compliant with the Euro 5 emission standards, which enables to use this vehicle for international transportation too. The engine capacity is 11.97 l. The vehicle is equipped with a mechanical 16-speed synchromesh gearbox.

The heavy reinforced frame and the tandem of hypoid axles ramp up the admissible load on the fifth-wheel coupling to 16.7 tonnes, and on the rear bodywork – to 19 tonnes. The vehicle has disk brakes, and an engine brake. ABS and ASR ensure higher safety while driving on a wet or ice-coated road.

The comfortable cab is mounted on a four-point spring suspension, equipped with a hand operated tilting mechanism. The air-cushioned driver seat features the whole range of adjustments; the truck sleeper is big and comfortable.

The KAMAZ dropside truck with the UNIC URV554 loader crane on the COMPASS 43082-N5 (4×2) chassis is made for loading / unloading and transportation of various cargoes. The weight of transported cargo is 4,000 kg, the maximum crane payload is 5,050 kg, the maximum crane outreach is 11 m.

The truck flat body is without a frame or tent, with metal drop sides. The boundary dimensions of the platform are 6,100×2,470×600 mm. The vehicle is equipped with a Euro 5 fuel-efficient diesel engine generating 168 hp. There is a comfortable night cab for the driver’s convenience.

The fueling truck on the KAMAZ-65115 chassis is designed for transportation, short-term storage and fueling with light oils with density under 0.86 t/m3. The horizontal steel tank body has plate-like internal baffles to strengthen tank design reliability and save from hydroblows. The overall tank volume is 13 m3.

The base chassis KAMAZ-65115-50 (6×4) is powered with the engine KAMAZ-740.705-300 compliant with Euro 5 emission standards, with output of 300 hp. The engine capacity is 11.7 l, the fuel tank holds 350 l of diesel fuel. The KAMAZ-154 gearbox is mechanical. The cab is restyled, high, day-type.

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