Board of Directors of KAMAZ has reviewed the results of the work of the group of organizations “KAMAZ” for ten months 2016, approved the company’s business plan for 2017, and it approved the strategic development program of KAMAZ for the period up to 2025.

In accordance with the business plan for 2017 the company is going to sell in the next year 36 thousand cars, among which 30 thousand – in the Russian market, 6000 – in the foreign markets. The net profit is planned in the amount of 1 billion 229 million rubles with the revenue of 143 billion rubles, informed the press service of KAMAZ.

“Despite the difficult situation in the economy, thanks to the support of our main shareholder of the state corporation Rostech and correct management decisions, in the past 2016 we produced 33.5 thousand KAMAZ vehicles, we keep our leading positions in the Russian automotive industry and strengthen our expansion in export markets”, – said the CEO of company, Sergei Kogoghin. – “The next year, based on the manufacturing and human resources, we will produce 36 thousand cars and take new steps in the field of modernization of production, within the approved today strategic development program of the Board of Directors of PJSC “KAMAZ” for the period till 2025″.

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