JV KAMAZ ASIA LEASING LLC (a joint venture between KAMAZ-LEASING and UzAutoTrailer in Uzbekistan) financed the purchase of three KAMAZ-5490 trucks by NAFTA GROUP LLC.

The leased KAMAZ-5490 trucks are equipped with a low-consumption Daimler (Euro 5) diesel engine with a capacity of 401 liters, two fuel tanks – 760 + 450 liters, a comfortable Daimler sleeper cab, a ZF manual transmission, an electronic pneumatic braking system (EBS), electronic stability control (ESP) and a traction control system (ASR).

The KAMAZ trucks were supplied by UzAutoTrailer LLC. The vehicles were handed over to the new client at KAMAZ SERVISE CENTR – a dealer and service center in Tashkent. NAFTA GROUP LLC is engaged in the wholesale trade of fuels and lubricants.

In December 2019, KAMAZ Leasing Company and UzAutoTrailer LLC registered a joint leasing company – KAMAZ ASIA LEASING LLC in Uzbekistan. The company offers KAMAZ vehicles on lease from the manufacturer in the “one window” mode, including insurance and installation of telematics equipment.

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